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In the aftermath of the foreclosure crisis, metro Atlanta leads the country with 35% of homeowners underwater on their mortgage loans (Haas Institute, 2014).  Housing recovery in the region has been wildly uneven.  The slow rising tide of home prices in affluent neighborhoods has bypassed large portions of metro Atlanta, particularly communities south of I-20 and along portions of the I-85 corridor.

Of the top 10 hardest-hit zip codes in the country for negative equity, nine are located in metro Atlanta. The hardest hit zip code in the country is in Clayton County where  a staggering 76% of homeowners are underwater.  In this Clayton community, 89% of homeowners are African American. The impact of negative equity is even more significant given the fact that home equity accounts for 92% of personal net worth for the typical African-American household. | FULL EVENT DETAILS, AUDIO, ETC.

Underwater Atlanta
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Haas Institute's "Underwater America"
Full Report | Atlanta Overview | Georgia Overview

How negative equity impacts community stability
Woodstock Institute

Race and Uneven Recovery: Neighborhood Home Value Trajectories in Atlanta before and after the Housing Crisisby Dan Immergluck, Elora Raymond and Kyungsoon Wang.

Zillow Negative Equity Interactive Map

34,000 metro Atlanta mortgages qualify for HARP

Congratulations to 155 Piece by Piece partner organizations for your work in addressing the region's foreclosure crisis. On June 11, the Piece by Piece initiative will be honored by the National Housing Conference in Washington, D.C. The initiative is receiving the 2015 Housing Visionary Award. MORE

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In late 2013, Piece by Piece convened the Neighborhood Investment Conference. The goal of the conference was to convene institutional investors, regional government leaders, affordable housing stakeholders and others for a collaborative discussion about recent real estate investment trends and strategies to ensure the long-term health and viability of our region's neighborhoods. For audio, PowerPoint presentations and more see:
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